Company history


February, 2009

Foundation and registration of the company Himstalcon-Engineering PLC

February, 2011

Beginning of active activity of

April, 2011

A specialized tank manufacturing plant with an area of 4500 m2 has been launched

November, 2011

As part of the contract with
RVT-STROY LLC, the first tank for bitumen was designed, manufactured and installed

November, 2011

Creating a design office

March, 2012

Formation and provision of a full range of services: design, production of tanks, construction, installation and testing

June, 2013

Increasing the focus of the field of activity of Himstalcon-Engineering. The company specializes in the construction of tank farms

July, 2015

Implementation of the quality management service

August, 2015

Moving the Himstalcon plant to a new location, the plant area increased to
7,500 m2

September, 2015

Modernization of the factory quality service, the production process complies with the international system of
ISO standards

September, 2015

The certificate of GOST ISO 9001-2011 was obtained for the design, manufacture and installation of metal structures, vertical and horizontal tanks, as well as for the design and installation of storage facilities for oil, petroleum products, chemical and other liquids, oil production and processing facilities, non-destructive testing of welded joints and metal, and General contractor and General designer functions

November, 2015

Obtained a license from the Federal security service of the Russian Federation to carry out work using information that constitutes a state secret

December, 2015

The certificate of the "Interregional Department of Construction (SRO)" on admission to a certain type or types of work that affect the safety of capital construction projects was obtained. The third level of responsibility, HBC can enter into contracts worth up to 3 billion rubles

December, 2015

The certificate of the "Interregional Department of Designers (SRO)" on admission to a certain type or types of work that affect the safety of capital construction projects was obtained. The third level of responsibility, HBC can enter into contracts worth up to 300 million rubles

September, 2016

As part of the Urengoyskaya PS contract, the construction of a 144,000 m3 tank farm. Including rvsp-30000 m3-3 PCs. and rvsp-10000 m3 - 4 PCs.

September, 2016

The restructuring of the company by results of audit "the FAIS-Laboratory"

October, 2016

The transition to the principles of project management. The establishment of the project office

October, 2016

Creation of a vocational training school for students and graduates in the specialty "design engineer" on the basis of Himstalcon-Engineering"

November, 2016

As a contractor, General Electric participated in the project of modernization of the Kazan TPP-3

December, 2016

Contract with PhosAgro-Cherepovets. Turnkey construction of a tank farm

September, 2017

Turnkey construction of tank farms for two thermal power plants in Crimea: Simferopol and Sevastopol

November, 2017

Transition from a geographical sales model to the principles of an industry market

January, 2018

Participation in the investment program for energy supply of the Kaliningrad region. Acted as a contractor in the construction of three thermal power plants in the Kaliningrad region

The Russian company Himstalcon-Engineering LLC acts as the general contractor in the construction of tank farms. Founded in February 2009. By the time the company was established, its founders Artem Chertykov, Denis Yurin and Sergey Epshtein worked in the oil and gas sector for many years. They have developed an understanding that the market needs a modern engineering structure focused on solving the business problems of partners.

In the second year of the company's existence management abandoned net sales in favor of providing integrated services. As a general contractor, Himstalcon-Engineering LLC conducts a contract from the moment its details are discussed until the facility is commissioned. It builds large-scale turnkey projects and performs certain types of integrated engineering work. The company’s staff in the first six years of its existence has grown from 25 to 320 employees.

Business ideas of clients are embodied by the best engineers, designers, project managers, lawyers, logisticians, builders. Himstalcon-Engineering has a vocational training school for students and graduates with a degree in design engineer.

The company has a number of fundamental advantages allowing to occupy a leading position in the market and provide an impetus for development. Among is the use of project management principles. Combining employees of different competencies into teams, Himstalcon-Engineering LLC analyzes the needs and solves the client’s tasks in detail. From the first day of work on a new project, a quality management service is connected to the team. Throughout the term of the contract, we collect feedback from the customer. Thanks to monitoring we are constantly in the know about the ongoing work and adjust actions in real time. The team hands over the object only when the installed equipment has passed the required tests and brings the result expected for the partner.

Currently, the company is developing in two directions. As a specialized contractor, it increases its market share in large tank farm construction projects. For this, it continues to develop the team competencies of employees, and the HR service selects the best narrow industry professionals. In addition, creating optimal industry solutions, Himstalcon-Engineering LLC strengthens its position in the mass consumer market. They must satisfy the client with the speed of execution and guaranteed reliability of the product, repeatedly tested in previous projects. Examples of such developments are block solutions for storing bitumen, typical tank farms and storage tanks.