Company's mission

We create reliable and safe tank farms for enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries. We carry out the most difficult tasks thanks to an understanding of the industry specifics, unique engineering solutions and innovative management. We value professional challenges and involvement in large-scale projects contributing to the strengthening of industry and the country's prosperity.

values and mission of the company

We work hard to let you recommend us!
Integrated Design
We design in detail keeping the future construction and operating in mind.
Getting ready for construction
We provide a quick start to construction through communication between design bureaus, the plant and the installation department.
We create a project management system transparent to the Client by providing an online work schedule.
The objects on a turnkey basis
We install turnkey objects until operation. We are in charge for the result.
We carefully select materials and suppliers. We work on high-tech production equipment. We use a modern management and quality control system (ISO).
February 2011
7500 м2
500 t/month
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